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Settembre 15th, 2009
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L’ultima trovata dei seguaci di Bovè è di scagliarsi contro le piante mutagenizzate (come quelle con cui facciamo la pasta o le ciliegie o altre 2500 diveri alimenti).
Bove’ è un produttore di formaggi: mi domando quando finalmente restituira’ il latte delle madri che ruba giornalmente ai piccoli: se naturale deve essere allora rispetti la natura anche lui, il latte viene prodotto per alimentare i piccoli, non le tasche dell’Eurodeputato.

rance: Anti-GMO Protest in Front of a Pioneer Research Center (Against Mutant Sunflowers!)

- AFP, August 26, 2009 (Rough Translation below)

MONTECH (Tarn-et-Garonne, France), 26 août 2009 (AFP) - Around 100 demonstrators according to the police, 150 according to the organizers, protested on Wednesday afternoon in front of a research center of the seed company Pioneer in Montech (tarn-et-Garonne) against the development of “hidden GMOs”.

“We ask Pioneer to give up commercializing next year an herbicide resistant sunflower named Expressun” explained Michel Metz, one of the leader of the anti-GMO group anti-OGM 31 (Haute-Garonne).

The car convoy, coming from several regions of France was stopped by the police more than one kilometer away from the Pioneer site. The protestor then walked under a heavy sun to the research center behind a banner “Pioneer, the worst is to come”.

The anti-GM ask the Ministry of Environment to decide a moratorium on this type of mutagen sunflower awaiting an evaluation, they want the European Union to submit these GMOs to the same transparency and evaluation rules than the transgenic corn.” Explained M. Metz

Such a moratorium exists currently for the transgenic corn of Monsanto.

The militants in Montech call “hidden GMO” this mutagen sunflower, which genetic traits are modified by chemical chock or irradiation, but not introduction of a new gene, as it is for transgenic plants.

According to Jean-Baptiste Libouban, another animator of the anti-GMO movement “it is not known at all what will be the consequences of these hidden GMOs on public health”

The organizers of the protest have evocated a “stock of luck” as their action coincided with the judgment on Friday in Béziers (Hérault) of two anti-GMO militants, including José Bové, for uprooting of transgenic corn in 2007.

“The fight against GMO continues, it is entered in a second phase with the struggle against hidden GMOs” they said.

The protesters ensured they want to stay in front of the Pioneer center until the ministry of environment guarantees them an appointment above this question of hidden GMOs.

Questioned on the telephone, Jose Bove explained that “the seed breeding firms have decided to change their weapon by using new mutagen technologies, thus they do not need authorizations: with these clandestine GMO’s they try to circumvent the resistence movement against GMOs”. The ministry of Environment realises which the firms do not play the game and they should be receptive to our arguments”, added the European Green representative.

Pionner’s legal director for Europe, Jean Donnenwirth, explained that he “is a little surprised by the return of this GMO problem since there is a moratorium”. He ensured that the accused seed “is not GMO”. According to him, “mutagensis has beed used for nearly 100 years in many vegetable and fruit-bearing species, there is no reason to question why a sunflower will allow (cause) a major reduction in use of weedkiller, next year or in two or three years”. “One clearly tries to make a storm in a glass of water” , he concluded.

Manifestation anti-OGM devant un centre de recherche du semencier Pioneer

(AFP) - 26 août 2009

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