Il Sud America chiede OGM

Ottobre 25th, 2010
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Il 34% degli OGM coltivati al mondo deriva dall’America Latina che vuole continuare a produrli anche per affrontare le sfide dei cambiamenti climatici.

Declaration from the Ag Ministers of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

- SAC/Council. II Declaration (XIX-2010); Santiago, 21 -22 October, 2010

The Southern Agricultural Council (SAC) XIX Ordinary reunion Ministers’ Declaration

The Agricultural ministers for Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, members of the Southern Agricultural Council (SAC), meeting in Santiago, Chile, the days of 21 and 22 October, 2010, express that:

1. The SAC countries face the challenge of decisively contributing to world food production, in order to obtain sustainable and competitive agricultural development, safely incorporating scientific and technological advances. Also, successfully face the world food contingency, marked by a profound imbalance between production and cumulative consumption of the principle grains.

2. In the field of biotechnology, the use of genetically modified organisms presents itself as a tool to support the Region in the challenge of increasing food production and adapting to the challenges brought on by climate change.
3. The growth obtained through the use of this technology has made it possible to advance the globally cultivated area to 134 million ha in 2009. Of this, 34% corresponds to SAC countries.
4. This opportunity must be accompanied by instruments to analyze, evaluate and manage the opportunities and the use of genetically modified organisms in the country.

1. Deepen and strengthen the regulatory frameworks and instruments to guarantee the use of genetically modified organisms.
2. Request the international organizations to provide technical and financial cooperation in a coordinated fashion, for the development of the genetically modified organisms in keeping with with the concrete needs of the Region.
3. Instruct REDPA (the Network for the Coordination of Agricultural Policies, by its acronym in Spanish) and the SAC Technical-Administrative Secretariat to continue with its efforts to coordinate, articulate and promote work on genetically engineered organisms.

Julián Andrés Domínguez, Minister of Agriculture, Husbandry and Fisheries, Argentina
Wagner Rossi, Minister of Agriculture, Husbandry and Supplies, Brazil
José Antonio Galilea, Minister of Agriculture, Chile
Enzo Cardozo, Minister of Agriculture and Husbandry, Paraguay
Tabaré Aguirre, Minister of Husbandry, Agriculture, and Fisheries, Uruguay

Not signing:
Nemesia Achacollo, Minister of Lands and Rural Development, Bolivia.

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